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Book a Speaking Event!

I have developed several core speaking topics over the years and can now offer them as a stand-alone developed product! Each one includes a visual presentation of videos, photos, motivational slides and even show-and-tell props when in person! 

All presentations can be made in German or English and either live in person or on-line. Please inquire for prices!

The presentations can also be combined with a special offer including any of my books. It adds a nice touch to give each member of your team a signed copy of Running Everest to go along with meeting me in person. 


Resilience, Goal Setting and Pain Tolerance: 

Train the Mind to Overcome the Impossible

This presentation is about 40 minutes long and covers highlights of The Marathon des Sables, The Everest Marathon, The Polar Circle Marathon and Adventure Racing with interludes about setting goals, mental toughness and cringing stories (with photos) of my injured feet and how pain tolerance can be learned.

(Deutsch) Resilienz, Zielsetzung und Schmerztoleranz. Der Geist trainieren, um das Unmögliche zu erreichen.

Base Camp Mt. Everest


The Magic of Doing Difficult Things

There are different types of happiness in life and the key is to find a balance of all forms. And this can be done by discovering what we are passionate about and pursuing that with our entire being. Pushing our mental limits and creating new boundaries are what drive and motivate us, providing an ease and contentment that helps us sail through life.

This presentation also highlights some of my most adventurous races and talks about self-discovery in the face of survival. 


Expanding the Comfort Zone

(A presentation together with Beatrice Lessi, a close friend and fellow athlete who has also run many extreme races and is the co-protagonist in my books)

Nicknamed 'Salt and Pepper' while running the 7-day 257-kilometer race across the Sahara Desert, Holly and Beatrice couldn't be more different yet are equally passionate about adventure. Both women are over 50, with 7 children between them, and continue to push the boundaries of what 'normal' women can do. 

This is a great presentation to inspire everyone to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

Beatrice and Holly in the Khumbu Valley, Himalayas, Nepal


Tag des Glück
Happy Day

A great presentation for schools which talks about how happiness can be found in all forms, we need to simply be aware of what it looks like when it comes knocking at our door. 

Motivational. Inspirational. Interactive.
Exciting videos and stories to keep the attention of any audience.

257 kilometers across the Sahara Desert 

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