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Friday, January 18, 2019

Extremes Abenteuer: A fun night in the Bischofshof Brewery

A fundraiser for the Armin Wolf Laufteam, the goal of the night was to entertain with stories of adventure while treating the audience to free beer and wurst semmeln (sausage sandwiches)! The 257-km Marathon des Sables; the Polar Circle Marathon; the 87-km, 5,000 m climb Hochkönigman; and the Everest Marathon were topics for the night. Entry was free. Donations were voluntary. 
Really... the beer was free!
My events are, in more than one way, worth the trip :)

Could it be that I have more fun than the audience?

A Sherpa carries a heavy load in the Khumbu valley, Nepal

Marathon des Sables base camp

Prost...again...we are in a brewery!

Finish Hochkönigman, Maria Alm, Austria

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