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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quest for a Literary Agent (Novel Teaser)

If you could find out with accuracy the exact day that you will die, even if it were years in the future, would you want to know?

A young woman is diagnosed with leukemia, a bone marrow transplant is the only thing that can save her life. No donors are found, but a child of her own has a one in four chance of being a match. Should she become pregnant? Is it worth the risk to potentially orphan her own child?
A Brazilian mathematics professor has developed a complex equation which, given exact inputs, can accurately determine the lifespan of any given individual. Upon his death, word of the equation becomes public, and everyone wants it. The Catholic church fears that a scientific explanation for the gift of life would undermine people's faith and destroy the church. The Revolutionary Forces of Columbia want to use the equation to determine the deaths of it's fighters--only those who will survive the day would be sent into missions.
A look at the fascinating city of Brasilia, a kidnapping, and a race through the streets of Sao Paulo, as well as a quirky priest, and small town life in Rhode Island make this novel deliciously unique.
Taste it for yourself.

Please send inquiries to hollyzimmermann@yahoo.com

© 2010 Holly Zimmermann

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