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Friday, May 13, 2022

Speedy Regeneration after the World Championships

holly zimmermann adventure racing world championship running everest
Adventure Racing World Championship,
Galicia, Spain

After competing at the Adventure Racing European and then the World Championships within a few weeks of each other in the Fall of 2021, covering nearly 800 km in total, I came home with a completely wrecked body, inside and out. I was thinner than I’d been since I was a teenager, my hair was falling out in handfuls, my teeth were over-sensitized, my feet were swollen and blistered, and several toenails were gone. To say that I was simply exhausted grossly underestimates my physical state, as the thought of even a recovery bike or jog was completely out of the question.

Sleep. Healthy food. Supplements. Repeat. That was the plan.

But when weeks went by and I was still feeling schlapp, I knew I needed to focus more seriously on my recovery. I got a blood test done and found that I had both Vitamin D and Ferritin deficiencies and my Omega 6:3 ratio was through the roof at (33.9:1).

And as fate would have it, at that time I met a man in my village named Oliver who worked for a company called Zinzino that made high-quality all-natural nutritional supplements focused on the individual.

holly zimmermann adventure racing world championship running everest author blogger
Bike Leg at the Adventure Racing World Championship

As if heaven-sent, that was exactly what I needed.

I told him my story. He explained that his company occasionally worked with select athletes as product ambassadors. I made it immediately clear to him that I would not represent a product that I did not believe in and have personal success with, especially when it came to health. I would have to try it out for myself and see if it worked for me. He was so sure that Zinzino could help me that he gave me three bottles of Omega-3 oil from his own stash and said we’d talk soon.

zinzino balance oil omega 3 supplement holly zimmermann

‘Soon’ was an understatement as I began to feel the effects almost overnight. The aching in my joints diminished, my energy increased, my hair began sprouting new growth like a frizzy teenage nightmare that needed gobs of hairspray to tame the wilds. And I was finally able to run again without feeling like I was dragging a sack of potatoes behind me.

Four weeks later another blood test using Zinzino’s Balance test revealed that my Omega 6:3 ratio had normalized and was down to (1.7:1). A ratio anyone could only hope for. When Oliver gave me the results (tested at an independent laboratory) I laughed and told him I didn’t believe it. He said that he was also very surprised at the blitz-schnell turn-around and that’s why he had consulted the company’s medical experts before giving me the data. Well-trained athletes often have an excellent system of regeneration when given the right tools. Considering that my body was in rock-bottom condition, plus the fact that I am vegetarian and consume no fish oils, and the oils had free reign over the chronic inflammation that is typical of an endurance athlete, the rapid optimization of my blood health was not overly surprising.

But just to be sure, we retook the test and and found that it yielded very similar results.

At the same time I had an independent blood test done at my general practitioner. Still slightly low on the Vitamin D and Ferritin. No big surprises there as nearly everyone living in central Europe has a Vit D shortage in winter and I’ve always had an issue with iron. But what did surprise me was that my red blood cell values were better than they have ever been. Apparently, complete regeneration of the body’s red blood cells occurs every 120 days, and with the help of the Omega 3 balance, the overall quality of the cells was improved.

zinzino sports ambassador athlete supplementszinzino health products supplements holly zimmermann

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the preliminary results of what I attribute, at least in part, to the Zinzino Balance Oils, and agreed to test out some of their other products and become involved with their company activities as a sponsored athlete.

So as soon as I have some other revelations to share about Zinzino’s products, you can be sure I’ll pass them on to you via my blog or social media because I know that I’m not the only one looking to optimize their health and performance. And who can't use a little help?

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